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The college is situated at Pappakoil on Vellankanni road, Nagapattinam in an area 10 acres. The college provides modern teaching facilities and buildings represented thorough the modern architecture, giving the precinct a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere.The infrastructure also includes a state of art air-conditioned computer laboratory with servers and internet facilities and work stations have welding and smithy equipment that provide hands on experience to our engineering students.
  • PRIYANGA R Department: EEEYear/Semester: IV/VIICGPA: 8.76
  • SWATHIKA R Department: ECEYear/Semester: II/IIICGPA: 8.31
  • JAYASRI J Department: ECEYear/Semester: III/VCGPA: 9.04
  • SHOBANA G Department: ECEYear/Semester: IV/VIICGPA: 8.5
  • SUDHA S Department: CSEYear/Semester: II/IIICGPA: 8.17
  • SNEHA M Department: CSEYear/Semester: III/VCGPA: 8.5
  • SANGAVI K Department: CSEYear/Semester: IV/VIICGPA: 8.09
  • MYTHILI V Department: CSEYear/Semester: IV/VIICGPA: 8.09
  • NAVEEN KUMAR SI Department: MECHANICALYear/Semester: II/IIICGPA: 8.80
  • KARAN PRAKASH M Department: MECHANICALYear/Semester: III/VCGPA: 8.42
  • SIVA S Department: MECHANICALYear/Semester: IV/VIICGPA: 8.43
  • RAMJI R Department: MECHANICALYear/Semester: IV/VIICGPA: 8.43
  • SALMAN SALIHIN H Department: CIVILYear/Semester: II/IIICGPA: 8.25
  • GAYATHRI V Department: CIVILYear/Semester: III/VCGPA: 8.2
  • MUTHULAKSHMI G Department: CIVILYear/Semester: IV/VIICGPA: 8.36
  • SANGEETHA A Department: EEEYear/Semester: II/IIICGPA: 8.23
  • KARTHIKA SUSI VADHAN Department: EEEYear/Semester: II/IIICGPA: 8.23
  • BHAVANI R Department: EEEYear/Semester: III/VCGPA: 8.15
  • VIJAY P Department: EEEYear/Semester: III/VCGPA: 8.15
  • INDHUMATHI R Department: EEEYear/Semester: IV/VIICGPA: 8.76
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