About Sinc
Chairman Desk
"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. We can confident in taking a lead role in realizing the vision of transfering INDIA into a developed country by sharing it's knowledge base for mutual benefits"


Production Engineering 

  • Our Advisor has 36 years experience .He has 22 years research experience also.
  • He handled various positions as Director, Principal etc since 1975.
  • He guided more students in P.G Courses and Ph.D., scholars for their research work.
  • He is acting as a Doctoral Committee member for many universities.
  • He contributes as committee member for AICTE inspection, Prevention of malpractice in Director of Technical Education, coordinator for Anna University SDP Programme and AICTE sponsored STP programme.
  • He organized many Faculty Development Programmes sponsored by Anna University and various number of short term training programmes sponsored by AICTE & ISTE, New Delhi.
  • He presented 22 technical papers which are published in magazines and scientific journals.


  • It is our immense pleasure to say that we strongly remains FIRST in 16 Districts including Nagai, Tiruvarur and Tanjore in Anna University Examinations April/May 2018.

  • We feel proud to share that our second year M.E. CAD/CAM student Mr.S. MURUGESH bagged the 6th position in the Anna University Examinations April/May 2018.